I hope that these sites will entertain and educate you.  Please explore them.

  • Frequently asked questions of piano tuners:  The following series of questions were asked of Larry Fine; author of ‘The Piano Book’.
  • Music Theory : Explore music theory with free lessons, exercises and tools.
  • Fundamentals of piano practice: This web site provides free piano lessons, piano teaching material, and piano tuning instructions. You can learn piano up to 1000 times faster compared to other methods.
  • Five lectures on the acoustics of the piano:  This volume contains five lectures given at a public seminar at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, May 27, 1988. The lectures are based on accumulated experience in piano design as well as recent experimental and theoretical studies – all presented in a popular style.
  • Inhormonicity and Piano Tuning: This is a thesis about the physics of piano music wire (strings) and how they affect tuning. Don’t be put off by the math, it’s actually a very good explanation of a complex phenomenon that tuners deal with every day.
  • Debussy’s First Arabesque: and other videos created using the amazing MAM technology (below).   [YouTube]
  • Brahms Piano Quartet in C minor, opus 60, 3rd movement:  This is quintessential Brahms and one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard; it breaks my heart on every hearing.  (It’s another MAM video from the same collection – I just wanted to make it a little easier for you to find). Please watch and listen – I think you’ll love it too.
  • Music Animation Machine: See Inside the Music.  [MAM Home] “What your ears can’t see”.  Read about the evolution of this incredible pedagogical tool.
  • Tuning The Brain is another interesting article that I think you’ll find fascinating.  It describes how piano tuning may cause changes to the brain structure.
  • My Name Sake:  I  found this on the web while researching my family history and thought that some of you might find it interesting that I had an ancestor, who shared my name, and was in the same business that I found myself pursuing 164 years later (I know I do). Take a look and tell me it’s not one of the oddest coincidences you’ve ever happened upon.
  • The History of Piano Tuning:  By Gill Green on the UK Piano Page.  Fun read!
  • Piano Price Point:  This is a free online piano guide and an excellent resource for anyone looking to buy a new instrument.

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  1. “The music must originate in the mind and the pianist must coax the piano to produce what he wants.” That is exactly why playing is truely a synthesis of taking what the instrument can deliver and giving it a voice that has been locked up inside our mind/body! Thanks Jon for the reference to Fundamentals of Piano Practice, it is fascinating and helpful!

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