Jon has been tuning my piano since I acquired it, and previously he had tuned and regulated this instrument for the prior owner, who was a professional musician. Since this piano is a semi-concert grand, and was originally a bit intimidating to play, I wasn’t sure that having it in perfect tune would make a difference in my confidence to “attack” this kind of powerful instrument. If anything, I knew that all my flaws would be more enhanced by the clear sound that emerges when Jon would finish tuning it. At first, I was playing more delicately, cautiously after the tuning, because the instrument sounded so solid and crystal clear.  Gradually, I began to take more risks and venture out of the safe playing zone, making louder and clearer mistakes, yet, finding that I could learn the music better when these wrong notes were more “visible”.  And it has worked! The quality of sound that comes out of the instrument after Jon performs his miracle, is an inspiration and an aid to my own music making. To say the least, his skill and talent as a tuner is like none I’ve ever seen (heard) before. With the kind of diligence and attention to sound quality, the piano comes back to clarity when he is through with it!

Do not look any further… you have arrived at a superb musician’s ear and the hands of an expert technician!

C.P. Olson – Los Angeles


Just as CP Olsen mentioned in his testimonial, Jon has taken care of my piano since day one. The store owners recognized that I was rather meticulous in regards to its final preparation, tone, regulation, voicing, action and overall sound quality. Rather than send me their “regular” tuner/tech for my first visit, they felt Jon would be a better match for both myself and the challenges of final prep. The manager told me; Jon has infinite patience, a wealth of knowledge (that he’s willing to share) and never rushes his work.

 When Jon and I first spoke, he felt final prep might well require a second day to complete! Mind you, this was on the store’s dime, not mine. I know they couldn’t have given him carte blanche for that much time, yet this showed me his level of commitment to do the task at hand correctly, no matter what the clock said.

 As it turned out, when Jon showed up, I had 2 pianos requiring prep. I had a friend in need who had to leave the country for an extended period. He asked if I would sell his beautiful C. Bechstein M-180 in his absence. I only wish you could hear the sound and feel the action, both before and after Jon completed regulating and tuning this tier 1 instrument. Despite the vast differences in build process, tone and scale design between the two makes, he brought out the very best in both instruments. Don’t forget to ask him to play when he’s finished! Let’s say you’re in for a treat.

I can say that you’ll be in good hands with Jon as your tech. His musical background and tech/ tuning abilities are impeccable. I guess what I appreciated the most was his ability to listen and teach. Pianos are complex instruments and not being a tech, made it difficult for me to articulate what I was after, at least in terms that translated to adjustments of the instrument. Jon managed to impart the sound and feel I was after, into the piano. That’s a skill. Keep up the good work Jon!

Fred T.  –  Los Angeles



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  1. Thank you for your support and encouragement.
    You, the recipients of my gift, and your appreciation for what I do is why I love my work. I’ll always be there for you.

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