I provide a full spectrum of professional, quality piano services and have extensive experience with pianos from virtually all manufacturers.

Musicians of all levels can be assured of getting the best performance from their piano by procuring the regular care of a professionally trained technician with intimate understanding of its overall construction and the function of each component part that make these remarkably complex instruments the truly magical creations they are.

Tuning: You’ll receive the highest quality piano tuning available anywhere.
The result of a highly trained ear, infinite patience and a musician’s sensitivity.

Regulation: Optimize the performance of your piano’s action/keyboard to get consistent feel and response from every key.

Voicing: Make every note count! Get the best tone possible from your piano.

Repairs: Don’t let broken strings and action parts ruin your piano playing experience. Most problems can be quickly and easily remedied.  Let me help.

Restoration: We have the technology to rebuild it, to make it better. 

Parts & Accessories: I can help you find anything you need for your piano.

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