Milo’s Custom Piano

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I encountered one of the most amazing custom finished pianos this morning and was compelled to share it with you.  We’ve all heard about prodigal young artists creating astounding works of art with no formal training but this is one for the books.

When I first saw this I was taken aback (I know, archaic language) but the story behind its creation was so wonderful that it stole my heart.

Their pet dog, Milo, likes to hang out on top of the piano while they’re away – presumably awaiting their return.  They’ve never seen him on the piano but have observed shadows of him jumping off it as they pull into the driveway.

They’re talking about having it refinished but I think he’s created a unique work of art. I’m hoping that some of you will try to convince them to keep the case as it is or perhaps preserve it under a coat of lacquer.  Please leave comments for them.


Milo’s Piano



Close-up of Milo’s work


Milo’s Custom Piano — 6 Comments

  1. Oh I loved that story Jon, I’m not sure I would call it a work of art but it certainly has character. Excellent addition of photos also, I need those to visualize things.

  2. I think that coating the piano with lacquer would be an excellent idea…it would bring out the grain of the wood, and preserve the “artwork”. It would create a distressed look that is so often deliberately created for home furnishings at great expense. And, remember, this was created out of love and cost nothing.

  3. As the owner of this baby-grand-gone-awry (archaic language again), I think it’s a great idea to lacquer as is. A very flamboyant friend of mine suggested once that I keep the scratches, paint it high gloss white, and create a piano even Elton John would envy!

    Would have been nice if Milo had spent all that down-time playing the piano instead of actually dozing on it….oh well, call me jealous of down-timers…..

    • Hey Judy, I look forward to hearing some of your stories. I guess most people in our profession have seen lots of crazy things out there (or in there). Everyone who reads this blog wants more postings and I haven’t found the time to do it more often. Anything you want to contribute will be appreciated by all. Thanks and hope to hear more from you. Soon!

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