This story is only related to piano tuning in that its primary elements occurred on either side of a tuning appointment, rather like an inexplicable sandwich of paranormal bread.

It begins, oddly enough, with an unforgettable dream (from which I awoke startled and amused). The principal subject, or muse, of which was a young woman with startling yellow eyes. Her face was unfamiliar but pleasing and I felt comfortable in her presence, though slightly unsettled (because of the color of her eyes).

After waking, I couldn’t stop thinking about this woman with glowing yellow eyes. Her image haunted me throughout the following day and I grew increasingly obsessed with her visage. I even started writing songs and poetry about her.

Three days later I drove into West Hollywood for an appointment. My customer had been delayed at work and requested that I wait for half an hour so she could meet me at her home. Since this was my only booking for the day and I could easily afford the extra time, I decided to have lunch on the boulevard nearby. Around the corner, I found a quiet French bistro. It had only just opened and I was the only patron.

My server was a charming young blond woman in her early twenties. She seated me at a back table and we chatted as I looked over the menu before ordering. Since I was the only diner in the restaurant, she was very attentive and conversational. It was a lovely dining experience – even though it was just for lunch – because of her.

Half an hour later, after finishing my meal and expecting my client to have arrived home from work, I went around to pay the bill. My waitress was standing at the register with her back to me.

When she turned to take my money, I almost fainted.

She was wearing “Granny” glasses with iridescent Yellow lenses!

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