Letter to my sister

What follows is my side of an email conversation that I had with one of my siblings a few nights ago. . .

I say “Frack the bugs – I’ll get them sorted (stomped) out in no time”.  The platform is infinitely permeable and will adapt, over time, to my will. The point behind this project is to attract attention; and I’m going to do that the best way I know how; by telling stories!  I want to build an audience of people who love me for what I do because they recognize that I do what I love for them. Does that make sense?

As for name-dropping: discretion is imperative when dealing with high profile clients.
However, I can still say a lot about the people I’ve met without revealing their identities.
Some would be shocked if I were to reveal names of the principals in my forthcoming blog posts (and I could possibly be prosecuted for disclosing personal information in the context of those stories).

But, of course that would be indiscreet and inappropriate, so I won’t use proper nouns if I can avoid it.

In those circumstances, I’ll have to let you and everyone else guess as to their true identities.
I have tons of stories, as you might imagine, about celebrity clients; and you’ll read them over time.
But, as we’ve said, it’s not politic to mention names.  I’d kinda’ feel like a rag journalist if I did that.
And probably wouldn’t be called back if they found out. So, I’ll remain the butler, respectful and discrete.

Not withstanding, anyone who joins the conversation will certainly be entertained. I’m just getting started – and will continue to feed my friends with fascinating tales from my crazy trek through the back doors of the music industry that only a working man has access to.


Letter to my sister — 4 Comments

  1. I originally used the other F word in this correspondence with one of my sisters. One of my customers felt that it was inappropriate to use on a “Family” site so I substituted a word used extensively on a popular, PG rated science fiction T.V. series that was on a couple of years ago.


  2. leave it to the sphincter patrol to ruin it for us “adults”. More adult content please…….lol.

    Jon, can’t wait for the blogs to start, let the crazy trek begin!

  3. Well I’m a cursing adult and when I reread this I shall insert the correct word..thank you very much (yea, it was probably good advice Jon)

    • Thanks for backing me up. Use whatever language you’re most comfortable with.
      That goes for the rest of you too.
      An honest opinion is more important to me than the words used to express it.

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